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Christmas Gift Guide For Sake Lovers in 2021

Here are our top gift ideas for the sake lover in you or around you. Do you have someone who loves Japan but also like his/her wine or tipple in general? Well then look no further, we've compiled our top sake gift ideas for you so we can save you...

Steak and Peach Salad Umeshu Pairing by Erin

  One of my fondest memories from my summers in Japan involve my grandmother making her own umeshu - a plum liqueur - which she would sip on the rocks.   ----   Whenever I introduce my friends to sake, or Japanese spirits more generally, I usually start off with...

Natural Sparkling Sec | Review by Jiji

Mutsu Hassen Natural Sparkling is brewed in the Aomori Prefecture, in the Northern part of Honshu Island, by Hachinoe brewery.Founded in 1740, Hachinohe has a long history of brewing, and it is making its best effort in being environmentally friendly. In fact, it uses local resources such as water, yeast...

Hachiume Umeshu | Review by Erika

Have you ever drunk umeshu (or plum wine) before? Well, this umeshu is a little bit different from the regular umeshu out there.   Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made from Ume plums, white rock sugar and shochu/liquor. Because it is relatively straightforward to make, a lot of families in...

Vegan Tofu Caprese with Shiso Pesto X Sparkling Sake Pairing

  We're pleased to share with you our very first collaboration with Erin Niimi Longhurst, author of Japonisme and Omoiyari. Erin wrote extensively about Japanese food and sake and so we're excited to share some of favourite recipes to have with our favourite sakes. Enjoy!   ----   The sake...

Meet The Two Women Who Are Fighting For The Survival of Sake

Yuki Imanishi and Kyoko Nagano are the founders of Sake Lovers Inc and their mission is to spread their love of sake with the world and support small craft breweries in Japan. We had the pleasure to talk to them to learn more about their mission, love of sake and...

The Different Types Of Sake.

Not all sake are equal, far from it, actually. Just like wine and its multiple classification criteria, sake can be divided into various grades and categories. Explore the different types and grade of sake with this short article.

The Ingredients Of Sake.

Learn more about the ingredients of sake. Did you know that high quality sake is made using only four ingredients?

5 Japanese Sake Myths Debunked! Learn The Truth About Sake.

Debunked the five most common misconceptions and myths about Japanese sake! Did you know them all? Most people sadly still get them wrong. Learn the truth about Japanese sake now and start exploring this delicious world!

Explore Japan From Home! ⛩💻 (Virtually)

While we are all stuck at home and unable to travel and visit culturally exciting places, all is not dark and gloom thanks to the power of technology. 

Okayama, the land of Sunshine and great Sake.

Discover why Okayama, beyond its gorgeous coast lines, is home to some of the finest sake.

Fushimi, the Bordeaux of sake?

France has the Bordeaux wine region, but Japan has the Fushimi Sake District!

Tohoku and the rebirth of sake.

Severely affected by the disastrous events of March 11th 2011, Tohoku is now the centre of the sake world.

Explore Hyogo: The Hyogo-Sake guide

For some of the country’s best sake and most beautiful scenery, Hyogo is the place to see.

Roasted Lamb with Garlic Recipe + Sake Pairing.

If you are used to serving red wine with your roasted lamb, you might like to change things up and consider sake instead.


Conscious about what's in your glass? Discover the health and beauty benefits of Japanese sake.