Sake from the Hakkaisan Brewery

Hakkaisan Brewery is situated at the foot of sacred Mt. Hakkaisan in Niigata, Japan. This region is famous for its deep winter snowfalls reaching over 10 feet. Hakkaisan’s brewing water starts as pure snow and, after being lightly filtered by the mountain soil, springs forth at the base of Hakkaisan Mountain. This soft, pure water from Hakkaisan’s dedicated stream is used in all aspects of production. It is central to Hakkaisan sake's unique quality and taste.

Hakkaisan’s guiding principle is to produce high-quality sake that pairs well with food. The brewery uses handmade koji rice crafted in-house and brews sake in small batches, focusing on slow fermentation at low temperatures. The result is a well-balanced, clean and dry sake style called tanrei karakuchi, featuring a smooth texture, an elegant umami flavour, and a crisp finish. Hakkaisan’s sake is perfect chilled or warm and pairs beautifully with Japanese food and world cuisine.