"A mineral, light and balanced sake for all kinds of foods."


An extremely food friendly, elegant sake; fruity but with savoury elements and a creamy texture. There is a delicious mineral taste in your mouth with a hint of sweetness. A light and balanced sake that allows it to pair with many different dishes, such as fish or meat. A lovely sake to whet your appetite.

Characteristics of Yamato Shizuku Junmai Ginjo

ABV: 15.5%

Grade: Junmai Ginjo

Taste: Light & Dry

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Rice Variety: Sakekekomachi

Yeast: N/A

Brewing Method: Sokujo

Polishing Ratio: 55%

Acidity: 1.6

SMV: +4.0

Food Pairing

Light foods, sushi, sashimi and light apetizers.


Recommended Serving Temperature



The Akita Seishu Brewery is located in Akita prefecture.

The Akita Seishu Brewery

In 1865, the company “Yamato-shuzouten” was founded in the area of Minaminaraoka(Currently Daisen-city) by Ito Jushiro, who was the 12th head of the Ito Family. The brand name Yamatoshizuku originated from “Yamato Brewery”, the original company name back in 1865. Over 150 years have passed, and they still work with the same spirit as the previous brewery founders. Today, Yamatoshizuku is part of Akita Seishu, along with the Dewatsuru, Kariho and Seiden sake brands. Akita Seishu came into being in 1913 and at one point was outputting high volumes of sake, but now they have refocused on brewing smaller batches of the finest quality. The brewers put their efforts into creating junmai sake using the kimoto and yamahai method, which enriches the flavour and aroma. The employees of Akita Seishu know that in order to make delicious sake, they must work together as one team. They put a lot of trust and companionship into each bottle, making them something special to cherish.