"Refreshing, fruity, low-alcohol. Enjoy the wonderful aromas of yuzu from the Kochi Prefecture!"


Filled with the fruity aroma of Yuzu on the nose. Extremely refreshing and delicate on the palate. Perfectly balanced Yuzu sake followed by elegant acidity.

Characteristics of Yama Yuzu, Yuzushu

ABV: 8%

Grade: Yuzu Liqueur / Yuzushu

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Food Pairing

On its own or with desserts.

Recommended Serving Temperature



Tsukasabotan is located in Kochi prefecture.

The Tsukasabotan Brewery

Tsukasabotan is based in the town of Sakawa on a tributary of the beautiful Niyodo River to the east of Kochi city. It’s Kochi’s oldest brewery. There used to be several breweries in Sakawa, due to the abundant water and rice of the region, but they gradually amalgamated into Tsukasabotan. The brewery has a remarkably long storehouse where the sake is matured. In the old days, the containers were made of wood, but in 1955 when the brewery decided to use taller metal tanks, the entire storehouse was cranked up so that a new concrete footing could be added underneath the walls. Kochi sake has traditionally been known for a dry and light character that enhances the enjoyment of seafood. However, even in Kochi, more fruity, flowery and fragrant sake with umami richness is recently becoming famous, winning prizes in sake competitions. But Tsukasabotan aims to preserve the traditional sake of Kochi and continues to brew dry sake that matches the local food.