Beautiful blue and green glass Tokkuri sake carafe set with 2 ochoko cups presented in an elegant wooden box. Ideal to enjoy your favourite sake the traditional way or make the perfect gift to a fellow sake and Japan lover.

This tokkuri set crafted by Japanese artisans is ideal to serve and share cold sake. Kimoto Glassware, one of Japan's leading manufacturers, has played a key role in emphasizing Tokyo's historical reputation as the country's glass mecca.

Tokkuri: Diameter opening: 36mm, Height: 150mm, Maximum Width: 80mm, Capacity: About 290 ml

2 X Ochoko Cups: Diameter opening: 68mm, Height 37mm, Maximum Width: 68mm, Capacity: About 40ml

Inner Box Size: 169mm X 176mm X 96mm

Material: Japanese Soda Glass
Packaging: Wooden Gift Box
Made In Japan


About the Makers

Kimoto Glass Tokyo has sought to plot a new course for quality glass production: one that captures new trends, and new ideas. Working with designers and creators, the company has harnessed the skill of the craftsmen in Tokyo to realise fresh approaches to glassware. This skill in production, and the imagination of Kimoto Glass Tokyo in facing the future, opens new possibilities and cements the role the company has played in the world of Tokyo glass from 1931 to the present day.

History of Tokkuri

Japanese people sometimes refer to turtle-neck sweaters as tokkuri because of the narrow silhouette around the neck.
Large-sized tokkuri bottles were used to store and carry sake, soy sauce or vinegar. It was not until the Edo era that smaller sizes for ichi-go (180ml) or ni-go (360ml) were made for pouring sake.
Tokkuris containing sake are often placed directly into boiling water to make kan-zake (hot sake). Porcelain tokkuris are better suited to be heated, while glass tokurris are best for serving cold sake.