"Sweet, savoury and full of umami goodness."


Delightfully sweet with hints of molasses and dried fruit, “Time Machine” is brewed following a method recorded in 1712. Loads of umami, natural organic acids and sugars—just like sakes 300 years ago. Brewed to a recipe recorded in 1712, this is fabulously sweet but not cloying, thanks to far higher levels (roughly three to seven times) the levels of acids and amino acids for contemporary ginjo styles. A superb aperitif or dessert wine, with a startlingly wide range of compatible foods.

Characteristics of Tamagawa "Time Machine" Special Kimoto Junmai

ABV: 14-15%

Grade: Special Kimoto Junmai

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Rice Variety: Kitanishiki

Yeast: Ambient House Yeast

Brewing Method: Sokujo

Polishing Ratio: 88%

Acidity: 3

SMV: -45

Food Pairing

Great with ice cream and desserts, but also with blue cheese, salty pickled Japanese delicacies and foie gras.

Recommended Serving Temperature




The Kinoshita Brewery is located in Kyoto prefecture.

The Kinoshita Brewery

The Kinoshita Sake Brewery, established in 1842, produces sakes that are richly flavoured and crisp- drinking. Since 2008 they have been made under the direction of fellow Brit Philip Harper, the only non-Japanese toji in Japan, a first in sake history! Their brand name, Tamagawa, can be translated as “Jewel River”, and is thought to derive from the Kawakamidani River which flows by the brewery. Tamagawa sake shows startling changes in expression at different temperatures, allowing for enjoyment over a vast range - over ice, chilled, at room temperature and all the way up to the piping extremes of heated sake. Nothing is more fun than enjoying the chameleon-like variations as the sake responds to temperature and good food.