Beautiful set of 3 sake glass cups presented in an elegant and minimalist wooden gift box. This set is great to enjoy your favourite sake with friends or organise an impromptu sake tasting evening at home.

All the cups are crafted by Japanese artisans is ideal to serve and share cold sake. Kimoto Glassware, one of Japan's leading manufacturers, has played a key role in emphasizing Tokyo's historical reputation as the country's glass mecca.

About The Design & The Meaning Of Shochikubai.
Sho (ๆพ) – Pine (Blue Cup)
Chiku (็ซน) – Bamboo (Green Cup)
Bai (ๆข…) – Plum (Red Cup)

"Pine" to show strong vitality, "bamboo" to grow fast, "plum", which blooms earlier than other plants, is considered to be a symbol of good luck.

Originally a Chinese motif, Sho-Chiku-Bai has made its way into Japanese design, including kimono designs, sumi-e paintings, porcelain and sake brands and a thousand other Japanese products, works of art, ads and commodities.

By invoking Sho-Chiku-Bai, the painter or designer sums up and distils down a host of feelings, emotions and attitudes for the viewer, reader, wearer or drinker.

These three "Friends of Winter" essentially provide an allegory for weathering hard times through their various attributes. A pine tree's roots are tenacious and will borrow deep or, as need be, find their way to hold-fast on even the craggiest, rock-strewn outcropping. They endure, no matter the circumstances. Bamboo finds its strength in knowing how to give and bend without breaking when even the strongest winds blow. In Japan, the plum tree is the first to bud and blossom in the late winter, even when its limbs may remain snow-laden: the plum gives us hope, showing us that spring and new opportunities for beauty and joy are just around the corner. Strength and tenacity, the ability to bend but not break when adversity swirls around us, the promise of hope even when coldness won't release its grasp on us. The Three Friends of Winter, Sho-Chiku-Bai — ๆพ็ซนๆข… —  our three friends of winter.

Cup Dimensions: Diameter opening: 57mm, Height: 61mm, Maximum Width: 50mm,

Cup Capacity: About 95 ml

Inner Box Size: 220mm X 77mm X 77mm

Material: Japanese Soda Glass
Packaging: Wooden Gift Box
Made In Japan

About the Makers

Kimoto Glass Tokyo has sought to plot a new course for quality glass production: one that captures new trends, and new ideas. Working with designers and creators, the company has harnessed the skill of the craftsmen in Tokyo to realise fresh approaches to glassware. This skill in production, and the imagination of Kimoto Glass Tokyo in facing the future, opens new possibilities and cements the role the company has played in the world of Tokyo glass from 1931 to the present day.