"Subtle flavours with a rich texture."


Local Nanko Ume (plums) are soaked in premium junmai sake brewed by Kikuchi Sake Brewery, giving the umeshu its subtle flavours and rich texture. Despite the sourness of the plums, the rice extract gently takes away the sourness, bringing out the natural sweetness and deliciousness of the plums. Overall, it is a slightly sweet beverage that will please the senses of many.

Characteristics of "Sanzen" Umeshu / Plum Liqueur

ABV: 12%

Grade: Umeshu, Plum Liqueur

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Base: Sanzen sake

Ingredients: Japanese nanko plums, rock sugar

Serving Recommendation

Straight, on the rocks or as a base in your favourite cocktails

Recommended Serving Temperature



The Kikichu Brewery is located in Okayama prefecture.

The Kikuchi Brewery

The Kikuchi Sake Brewery was founded in 1878 in the traditional business district located in the Tamashima area of Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture.

Gifted with excellent water from the Takahashi River valley and premium quality Omachi rice, the brewery is focused on producing small batches of high-quality sake.

Delicious & sustainable sake brewed with Omachi rice, Japan's oldest sake rice strain. The Kikuchi family has always put quality and sustainability before anything else. It is why they only use the finest local ingredients that are grown in sustainable ways. One example is the decision to incur a higher cost to use Omachi rice (Japan's oldest sake rice) produced in a pesticide and fertiliser free environment by famous sustainability grower Akinori Kimura.