"This is their signature sake. Rich Umami, with comforting sweetness and refreshing tartness, completes the Kyushu style sake experience."


With ‘earthy and mushroomy’ notes, it is nicely paired with rich food. This Junmai Sake won the competition for 11 consecutive years in ‘best pairing with Japanese style BBQ eel’, it pairs nicely with rich food.

Characteristics of Nishinoseki Classic Junmai

ABV: 15%

Grade: Junmai

Taste: Light & Sweet

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Rice Variety: Hattan Nishiki and Hinohikari

Yeast: N/A

Brewing Method: Sokujo

Polishing Ratio: 60%

Acidity: 1.4

SMV: -1.5

Food Pairing

BBQ, rich food.

Recommended Serving Temperature




Kayashima is located in Oita prefecture.

The Kayashima Brewery

Kayashima Brewery is one of the rarest of sake producers who maintain the tradition of Kyushu-style Sake. Kyushu has abundant access to fresh white fish and it goes very well with sweet soya sauce. This makes Kyushu-style cuisine sweet, with a deep and complex flavour. Sake from Kayashima Brewery is soft and elegant, rich in Umami and has beautiful sweetness.