"Lots of floral pine notes, wild berries and sansho."


Craft gin brewed in Wakayama Prefecture with juniper berries, Koyamaki leaves, mandarin orange peel, lemon peel, and Japanese pepper seeds. As a result, the high-quality, pure “forest scent” combines elegantly with the gorgeous sweet citrus aroma (Wenzhou mandarin orange) and the refreshing and refreshing citrus aroma (lemon).

Characteristics of Nakano BC's Kozue Gin

ABV: 47.3%

Grade: Gin

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Botanical Ingredients: Japaese Umbrella-Pine, Juniper berries, mandarin orange, lemon peels and Japanese Sancho peppers.

In a G&T

The sansho in a G&T calms down considerably. It leaves you with an earthy, leafy drink that transports you to the woods of Wakayama after a heavy rain. About halfway through, orange peels and other citrus begin to take over.

Recommended Serving Temperature



The Nakano BC company is located in Wakayama prefecture.

Nakano BC

Toshio Nakano started manufacturing and selling soy sauce at his "Nakano Soy Sauce Shop” in 1932. After moving to shochu and then sake, the Nakano family founded the small distillery Fujishiro in 2017 in the mountainous region of Wakayama.

Various carefully selected botanical ingredients from Wakayama Prefecture and fragrant European juniper berries. In order to bring out the full flavour of the ingredients, they are soaked in pure alcohol, which is tasteless and odourless. When the fragrance of each material has reached a satisfactory balance, the ingredients are then extracted. During distillation, the undiluted solution is slowly distilled under normal pressure, and then it is aged at a low temperature for a certain period of time after distillation. Our goal during this time is to not touch the air as much as possible, and to stir the gin gently by hand so that all the unique aromas and flavors of the ingredients remain in the gin.