"Sake based yuzu liqueur, perfect on the rocks or as a cocktail base."


A clean, tart junmai full of the flavour of Japanese yuzu lemons. An excellent cocktail base.

Characteristics of Nakajima Shiroku Yuzushu / Yuzu Liqueur

ABV: 8.5%

Grade: Yuzu Liqueur / Yuzushu

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Base: Junmai Sake

Acidity: 9.5

SMV: -82

Food Pairing

Cocktails, ice cream. Best served on the rocks or as spritz.

Recommended Serving Temperature



The Nakajima Brewery is located in Gifu prefecture.

The Nakajima Brewery

Nakajima is a local sake brewery with over 300 years of history since 1702. The “Kozaemon” brand was launched in 2001, which has become popular at home and abroad. The use of the subsoil water flowing from Mt. Byobu as its source brings out the full flavour of the rice. You can taste the nature of the Mino region and the brewers’ reflections when savouring the “Kozaemon” products. Based on the idea of making a good match with any dish, NAKASHIMA SAKE BREWING is dedicated to producing “umakuchi” sweet-smelling flavours with body and depth rather than crispy and dry “tanrei” flavours. The product line-up varies from pure rice sake to liquors.