"A session sake that you'll never get tired of."


"Shiro" is named for a soft white cloth made from tree bark that has the same light and buoyant character. A “session sake,” light enough to enjoy all night. Mild aromas of banana and apple lead into a palate that is gently sweet and brightened by acidity and lingering savoury umami.

Characteristics of Yawaraka "Sake Matinée" Junmai

ABV: 12%

Grade: Junmai Ginjo

Taste: Light & Sweet

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Rice Variety: Miyamanishiki

Yeast: House Yeast No7

Brewing Method: Sokujo

Polishing Ratio: 55%

Acidity: 1.5

SMV: -3.0

Food Pairing

Shiro’s mild 12% alcohol content makes it an easy-going companion to whatever emerges from the kitchen. Please do not agonise over food pairings with this sake. Shiro is more like a family friend, welcome at the table, always agreeable, good company glass after glass.

Recommended Serving Temperature




The Miyasaka Brewery is located in Nagano prefecture.

The Miyasaka Brewery

Founded in 1662 in the town of Suwa in Nagano Prefecture, the Miyasaka Brewery are the creators of Masumi sake, one of the highest name of the sake world. In 1920, the brewery’s president at the time, Masaru Miyasaka, then took a bold decision. He appointed a 28 years old sake prodigy as the Brew Master to revive the brewery; his name was Chisato Kubota. The revival plan worked and in 1936 Miyasaka won the first of many top honours at the Japan National Sake Appraisal. Then the brewery reached another high in 1946 with the discovery of a new yeast variety by Brew Master Chisato Kubota. This yeast will later be known as Yeast No. 7 and become central to sake making in Japan.