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Kamoizumi Brewery

Kamoizumi "Umelicious" - Plum Wine / Umeshu

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"Tart, sweet, piquant: umelicious!"

Sweetness, acidity and piquant plum flavour distinguish this lovely low-alcohol aperitif. Green plums provide the tartness, artisan rock sugar the sweetness and pure junmai sake the satisfying balance and smoothness.


More about Kamoizumi "Umelicious" - Plum Wine / Umeshu 


Brewery: Kamoizumi  |  Prefecture: Hiroshima

Size: 720ml  |  ABV: 10% 


Grade: Plum Liqueur / Umeshu

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Serving Temperature: Cold, on the rocks, spritz

Pairing: Alongside your aperitif or desert

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

No brewery in Japan has taken a stronger stand for individuality than Kamoizumi. Their sake has an attitude: robust, tawny, full-flavoured, yet with the smooth finish and easy drinkability that are the hallmarks of technical mastery. Ageing and blending are paramount, and when finally released, the Kamoizumi labels pair well with meat dishes and Chinese cuisine, a rarity in the sake world. For the connoisseur, their supple balance of sweetness, acidity, astringency and the elusive flavour component of "umami" is without peer.

Kamoizumi Sake Brewery
Hiroshima Prefecture