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Asahi Brewery

Kubota - Junmai Daiginjo Sake

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"Brewed in pursuit of a Magnificence of New Taste."

The floral aroma reminiscent of pear and melon and the delicate balance of sweetness and sourness spread across your tongue each time you take a sip, and the aftertaste rolls in pleasantly like an echo.


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Brewery: Asahi Shuzo  |  Prefecture: Niigata

Size: 720ml  |  ABV: 15% 

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Taste: Light & Dry

Serving Temperature: Chilled or room temperature

Pairing: Sushi, sashimi, and light vegetable dishes

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Rice Variety: Gohyakumangoku

Yeast: N/A

Brewing Method: Sokujo 

Polishing Ratio: 50%

Acidity: 1.3

SMV: 0

Asahi-Shuzo has always brewed its sake amid the natural beauty of Koshiji, an area surrounded by rice fields and uncultivated woodland. We take pride in celebrating the village of Koshiji, our hometown, and the special joys each season brings to it amid the bounty of nature: tea ceremonies amid the green foliage of spring; fireflies in summer; gardens of red maple leaves in autumn; and tours of sake breweries in winter. At Shoraikaku, tea ceremonies, entertainment, and exhibitions are frequently held, and regular concerts are presented in the entrance hall. Koshiji is a village where you can savor both the beauty of nature and rich cultural heritage.

Asahi Shuzo Kubota Brewery Staff

Asahi Shuzo Kubota Brewery in Niigata