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Sake Ware

Bizen Ware Japanese Sake Cup

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Beautiful sake cup with a golden-coloured inside made in the traditional Bizen ware tradition, one of Japan’s six ancient kilns.

Bizen ware is pottery produced in the area around Bizen, in Okayama prefecture. Bizen ware is one of six ancient ceramics in Japan. Together with Shigaraki ware, Tamba ware, Echizen ware, Seto ware, and Tokoname ware, Bizen ware is considered to be one of the most outstanding Japanese kilns.

This cup has a matching tokkuri sake carafe.

Dimensions: 6.3cm X 3cm
Volume: 50ml
Material: Bizen Ware Pottery
Made in Japan

Learn more about Bizen Ware here.