Explore Japan From Home! ⛩💻 (Virtually)

While we are all stuck at home and unable to travel and visit culturally exciting places, all is not dark and gloom thanks to the power of technology. Speaking of technology, Japan is full of it, and the country has been using it to offer us some top-notch, properly socially-distanced, virtual experiences into the heart of Japan.


So whether you're looking for a weekend activity or you're desperately in need for a distraction between two Zoom call meetings, we've compiled a list of a few things you can do online that will enrich your day!  


Tokyo National Museum.

Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum is the oldest and largest of Japan's top-level national museums. It was initially established in 1872 at Yushima Seido Shrine and moved to its current Ueno Park location a few years later. 


Please check their online exhibit, "Maple Viewers", which superbly portrays the Kiyotaki River north of Kyoto in autumn. You can also visit their virtual museum to see paintings, sculptures, and other beautiful art and history work. Each comes with museum explanations. Why not take a tour of the Tokyo National Museum from the comfort of your home or hotel room?



National Museum of Nature and Science.

Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Science.

Located in Ueno, near the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Nature and Science opened in 1871. You are in luck as they have just launched their VR and 3D tours of their Japan and Global pavilions. It is time to get your VR gear out and immerse yourself in one of the finest museum experience Japan has to offer. Click here to get started!



Take in the Skyline from Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is probably the most iconic feature of Tokyo's skyline. The 332.9 metres tall structure is an Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower used for communication and as an observation deck. It is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations. You can now be virtually lifted to the observation deck thanks to Google Map's Inside Tour. It is similar to the street-view function of Google map but allows you to take in and appreciate the skyline of Tokyo instead! 



The Kyoto Distillery Tour.


Fancy visiting one of the most famous gin distilleries in Japan? The Kyoto Distillery is currently offering a virtual tour of their facilities where their signature gin "KI NO BI" is created. 3D viewing is available using your smartphone and 3D goggles! What a great way to explore the place and learn all you ever wanted to know about gin!



Admire The Beauty of Mt Fuji.

Mt Fuji

The iconic Mt. Fuji, also known as Fujisan, is a must-see for anyone planning to visit Japan. Towering at 12,388 feet (3,776 metres), Mt Fuji is the highest mountain (volcano) in Japan and was designated in 2013 as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Thanks to the website Fujisan Watcher you can admire the volcano from many different angles. When the sky is clear, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, a perfect setting with a glass of sake. 



Spy on Snow Monkeys!

Snow Monkey

The Jigokudani Monkey Park offers visitors the unique experience of seeing wild monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring. The Japanese Macaques, also known as Snow Monkeys, inhabit the park. Thanks to the park live stream video, you can try your luck at seeing the monkeys take a dip and relax in the hot spring. According to their website, the best times to see the snow monkeys are during very cold days and feed times! 




What are you still doing here!! Go explore Japan virtually! We hope you’ll enjoy the few activities we absolutely loved discovering for you!

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