Akita, The Sake Kingdom

Akita is known as the Beautiful sake kingdom and ranks 5th in sake production. It is one of the few prefectures in Japan to have a brewing laboratory where advanced brewing techniques are developed.


Sake In Akita.

Sake in Akita has a long history, with some breweries now operating for over 500 years. The prefecture experienced its first sake boom in the 17th century, with the opening of numerous mines. The thousands of miners' severe working conditions and harsh winters led to a rapid increase in sake consumption. Towards the end of the Meiji period (1868 - 1912), the prefecture welcomed its own Brewing Research Institute, which quickly improved the overall quality of Akita's sake.



 (The beautiful autumn colours)


Akita's long history of serving the miners is deeply reflected in the style and flavour of its sake. Like the rest of the northern region of Japan, the sake brewed in Akita is relatively sweet; probably to pair better with local dishes and satisfy regional preferences.

The two main types of rice grown in the prefecture are Akita-sake-Komachi and Miyama Nishiki. The farmers growing the rice almost exclusively sell their rice to breweries located in Akita. The breweries, in return, practically only use locally grown rice, making it a sake-rice autonomous prefecture.

The 37 breweries of Akita prefecture produce a wide range of sake with very distinct flavours. The ones brewed with Akita-sake-Komachi rice have a more substantial umami component and refined sweetness. In contrast, the ones produced with Miyama Nishiki rice have a sharp taste with a light aftertaste.


Why We Love Akita!

 (One of the many traditional Onsens of Akita, perfect in snowy winter!)


Akita is home to some of the most beautiful and serene hot springs (onsen) in Japan. The Nyuto Onsen Village is a group of seven onsens located at the foot of Mt. Nyuto in the Towada-Hachimantai National Park. The onsens date back to the Edo period where the warriors of the time would retreat to soothe their wounds. The vast and old forest surrounding the village offers beautiful sceneries regardless of the season, be it the leaves changing colours in autumn or snowy and quiet winter landscapes. The onsens belong to Ryokans (traditional Japanese hotels) which all serve delicious locally brewed sake and regional dishes. The perfect finish to a day of bathing and gazing at magical views!


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