From Apples To Rice; The Miracle of Natural Sake.

The Kikuchi brewery's goal is to make delicious sake that is also sustainable. To do this, they challenged the sake industry by brewing sake with rice grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, or herbicides. They turned to Mr Kimura, a farmer and pioneer of pesticide-free farming who had proven the industry wrong when he succeeded in growing apples without using chemicals for the first time in the world.


fertiliser and pesticide free omachi rice.

Fertiliser and pesticide free Omachi rice.


This led to the Kimura-style Natural Cultivation Executive Committee in Okayama in the spring of 2010 to provide a safer and more secure rice supply. The result is a sake brand called Kiseki no Osake, or "sake of miracle", referring to the original fertiliser-free apples, Kiseki no Ringo, or "miracle apples".


Mr Akinori KimuraMr Akinori Kimura


 Mr Tō Kikuchi’s ultimate goal is to “produce discerning sake that nurtures tradition and conveys it to the future". 


Today, the entire community of Okayama enjoys naturally-grown rice and looks forward to a healthier and more sustainable future.


You can enjoy this miracle yourself with the brewery's "Kiseki no Osake" junmai ginjo Omachi. "Gorgeous, smooth yet robust sake brewed with organic Omachi rice." Under the guidance of Akinori Kimura, this bright and refreshing sake is made with rice strains grown with no chemicals or pesticides. Robust and fruity aroma of pear on the nose with the sweetness of saltwater taffy and a hint of creamy vanilla and anise on the palate.




Miracle Apples Japanese Movie
Miracle Apples, "Kiseki No Ringo" (2013) Directed by  Yoshihiro Nakamura

The incredible and inspiring story of Mr Akinori Kimura is portrayed in the 2013 movie called "Miracle Apples." Based on a true story, Akinori Kimura and his wife Mieko open an apple orchard right in their hometown of Hirosaki. Akinori boldly decides to grow the apples without pesticides due to his wife's allergies. This results in many hardships for the family, driving Akinori to consider suicide as he faces financial ruin before a miracle happens.

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