"A refreshing and dry classic rice shochu."


A shochu that pairs well with any meal, bringing out the original quality and flavour of the ingredients. With an elegant aroma and light taste, Hakutake Shiro is a clear, refreshing shochu of the dry variety.

Characteristics of Takahashi Hakutake "Shiro"

ABV: 25%

Grade: Rice Shochu

Taste: Light & Dry

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Ingredients: Rice (Japan), Rice Koji (Japan)

Serving Recommendations

You can enjoy it on the rocks, mixed with water or in a highball. However, we also recommend mixing it with green tea, oolong tea or tomato juice.

Recommended Serving Temperature



The Takahashi Distillery is located in Kumamoto prefecture.

The Takahashi Distillery

For over a century since its founding in 1900, Takahashi Shuzo has been focused on making authentic rice shochu in the Hitoyoshi Kuma region. This region is located in the southernmost point of Kumamoto Prefecture. It is not just any rice shochu that we make; it is Kuma Shochu with over 400 years of history. Kuma Shochu is a brand that has been permitted by the National Tax Agency to display a geographical indication. Alongside Iki Shochu(Nagasaki prefectureοΌ‰, Satsuma Shochu (Kagoshima prefecture) and Ryukyu Awamori (Okinawa prefecture), it is one of only four authentic shochu brands in Japan, and we have a mission to protect this Kuma Shochu and pass it on to future generations.