"Crisp and flavourful, with a punch."


A contemporary rendition of ancient kimoto style. Soulfully drinkable with plenty of acidity and ample umami—all in perfect harmony. Made with Yamadanishiki, Japan’s finest sake-brewing rice.

Characteristics of Sohomare "Heart & Soul" Tokubetsu Kimoto Junmai

ABV: 15%

Grade: Tokubetsu Kimoto Junmai

Taste: Rich & Dry

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Rice Variety: Yamadanishiki

Yeast: No.6, No.7, No.9, No.14

Brewing Method: Kimoto

Polishing Ratio: 60%

Acidity: 1.8

SMV: +4

Food Pairing

Rich and savoury food.

Recommended Serving Temperature




The Sohomare Brewery is located in Tochigi prefecture.

The Sohomare Brewery

Sohomare sake has been owned and operated by the Kono family since its founding in 1872 and is a prominent small sake brewery in the Tochigi region of Japan. For five generations, the Kono family has devoted itself to the art of creating a genuinely local sake that is made of the most excellent Yamada-Nishiki rice and hand-brewed the old Kimoto way. As Sohomare’s newest family-owner, Mr Jun Kono continues leading its tradition of hand-crafting each sake.