"Beautiful and powerful flavours,
the gold standard of Omachi sake."


It's a very well-balanced junmai sake brewed with Japan's oldest sake rice, Omachi. This is the kind of sake that you can drink anytime all year long. Well-spiced rice notes. Velvety texture with a smooth, crisp finish. This sake has an exceptional amount of umami (savoury tastes). This is a fine example of Okayama and Omachi style sake.

Characteristics of "Sanzen" Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi

ABV: 16.5%

Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai

Taste: Rich & Dry

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Rice Variety: Omachi

Yeast: K901

Brewing Method: Sokujo

Polishing Ratio: 65%

Food Pairing

Whitefish & seasoned meat dishes.

Recommended Serving Temperature




The Kikichu Brewery is located in Okayama prefecture.

The Kikuchi Brewery

The Kikuchi Sake Brewery was founded in 1878 in the traditional business district located in the Tamashima area of Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture.

Gifted with excellent water from the Takahashi River valley and premium quality Omachi rice, the brewery is focused on producing small batches of high-quality sake.

Delicious & sustainable sake brewed with Omachi rice, Japan's oldest sake rice strain. The Kikuchi family has always put quality and sustainability before anything else. It is why they only use the finest local ingredients that are grown in sustainable ways. One example is the decision to incur a higher cost to use Omachi rice (Japan's oldest sake rice) produced in a pesticide and fertiliser free environment by famous sustainability grower Akinori Kimura.