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Sorakami's Tasting Pack

Sake Tasting Pack | Sweet Dessert Edition (2 X 300ml + 1 X 500ml)

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Dessert lover sand sweet tooth people beware, this sake tasting pack might be addictive! Enjoy three deliciously sweet premium sakes. From cloudy and creamy nigori to sweet plum infused sake and a rare old fashioned sweet style sake following a 300 years old recipe! 

It also makes the perfect gift for that special someone with a curious palate. 


More about Sake Tasting Pack | Sweet & Rare Edition (2 X 300ml + 1 X 500ml)


What’s inside?
1 X Dassai 50 Cloudy Sake Nigori (300ml)
1 X Nanbu Bijin Umeshu Plum Wine (300ml)
1 X Kamoizumi "Kome Kome" Low alcohol & sweet dessert sake (500ml)

Dassai 50 Cloudy Sake Nigori 

“Lively and refreshing premium cloudy sake.”

Coconut and creamy with light sweet candy notes on the palate. This premium Junmai Daiginjo cloudy sake has an elegant and velvety texture with a lingering finish.

Brewery: Asahi  |  Prefecture: Yamaguchi

Size: 300ml  |  ABV: 16% 

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo Nigori

Taste: Light & Semi-Dry

Serving Temperature: Cold

Pairing: Fruits and aperitif

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place



Nanbu Bijin Umeshu Plum Wine 

“Refreshing, mature yet sugar-free plum sake.”

Infused sake with Ume plum in All Koji Sake. As base Sake is rich in sweet, no sugar or any artificial sweetener has been added. Pronounced aroma of Ume plum and chestnuts with a kick of bitterness.

Brewery: Nanbu Bijin  |  Prefecture: Iwate

Size: 300ml  |  ABV: 16% 

 Grade: Umeshu Plum Wine

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Serving Temperature: Cold, on the rocks

Pairing: Deserts and ice cream


Kamoizumi "Kome Kome"

Piquant and mildly sweet, a charming low-alcohol aperitif.”

Light as can be, this charming low-alcohol aperitif is mildly tart and sweet, like a Reisling wine. It is rich in amino acids, promoting good health and a rosy complexion.

Brewery: Kamoizumi  |  Prefecture: Hiroshima

Size: 500ml  |  ABV: 07% 

Grade: Special Dessert Sake

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Serving Temperature: Cold

Pairing: Deserts, ice cream, sorbets & crème brulée.