"Brisk and clean, with an engaging lift at first sip."


This sweet potato Shochu is made in the traditional method of fermentation in a Kame-Tsubo earthen pot. This time-honoured, full-bodied crisp taste will definitely tempt the palate of many generations to come.

Characteristics of Nishi Shuzo "Kiccho Hozan"

ABV: 25%

Grade: Sweet Potato Shochu

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Ingredients: 83% Kogane Sengan sweet potato (imo) & 17% rice (kome)

Serving Recommendations

With its balanced amino acids and minerals, this is a sessionable shochu, whether it is mixed with water, whisked, or served as "oyuwari" (we suggest mixing 6:4 shochu and hot water). Especially delicious with tare seasoned yakitori and braised pork belly.

Recommended Serving Temperature




Nishi Shuzo is located in Kagoshima prefecture.

The Nishi Shuzo

Nishi Shuzo is situated on the southernmost of the four main islands of Japan, Kyushu, for over a century and a half. They produce shochu from different ingredients, but their speciality is by far sweet potato-based shochu, typical of the Kagoshima region. Nishi Shuzo itself cultivates sweet potatoes used in the production of their shochus and works closely with local farmers to continually improve the quality of products.
Since the founding of Nishi Shuzo, a formidable challenge has arisen, the challenge of producing shochu with exceptional taste qualities, using traditional methods. Nishi Shuzo shochus are now recognized all around Japan as a benchmark for quality and this success is exported internationally.