"Refreshing and intense plum flavours."


We use “Fujigoro” and “Shirakaga” varieties of plums carefully grown at Kishinamien in Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture. By soaking 1.5 times the usual amount of plums, the extract of the plums is richly infused into this deeply flavoured sake. The freshness and richness of green plums fill the palate. Enjoy the refreshing taste of green "ume" (plum) on the rocks or with soda.

Characteristics of Kishinamien Umeshu

ABV: 11%

Grade: Umeshu / Japanese Plum Liqueur

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Ingredients: Sake, green plums, rock sugar

Serving Recommendations

Enjoy the refreshing taste of green ume on the rocks or with soda.

Recommended Serving Temperature



The Niizawa Brewery is located in Miyagi prefecture.

The Niizawa Brewery

"Our current toji took over the role of toji from President Iwao Niizawa at the age of 22. She took over within 3 years of joining the brewery. (At the time, she was the youngest female toji in Japan.) *Toji – The person in charge of the brewing process at the sake brewery is called Toji.
Rather than brewing in a strict top-down hierarchical environment, where a veteran toji dictates the brewing process, our kurabito (brewers) collaborate, learn from, and inspire each other daily. Therefore, they share their opinions and cooperate in sake brewing regardless of age, background, or gender. This environment, focused on collective growth, ensures that we are constantly pursuing the best sake."

Niizawa sake brewery