"Luxurious umeshu plum wine, with Kimoto sake base."


Infused with umami-rich junmai Kimoto sake and Nanko ume plums from Wakayama, this superior umeshu is the ultimate dessert drink. On the nose, there is a wonderful blend of plum fruit, sweet cream, and marzipan, while on the palate it is a mouthwateringly rich plum with a perfect balance of acidity, mellowness, and body.

Characteristics of Daishichi Kimoto Umeshu Plum Wine

ABV: 12.5%

Grade: Umeshu (plume wine)

Taste: Rich & Sweet

Storage: Keep in a cool dark and dry place

Base Junmai Kimoto Sake

Ingredients: Japanese Nanko Plums

Brewing Method: Kimoto Base

Serving Recommendations

Serve chilled on its own or on the rocks. Perfect after-meal drink or anytime you like!

Recommended Serving Temperature



The Daishichi Brewery is located in Fukushima prefecture.

The Daishichi Brewery

The Daishichi Brewing Company was founded in 1752 by Saburoemon Ohta, a descendant of a Samurai family from the castle town of Nihonmatsu. In the hereditary name of successive family heads Shichiemon, Daishichi means big seven. They specialize in orthodox kimoto brewing, which produces rich, mellow sake. As a result of Takanobu Sato's perfectionist nature, their sake has won numerous accolades at home and overseas. Their sake is exceptional in balance and is food-friendly for any meal and any culture.

Daishichi Brewery