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About Zusetsu

Welcome to Zusetsu, your online store for quality furoshiki and gifts from Kyoto, Japan.

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese cloth that can be folded like origami to create beautiful gift-wrapping and bags.

Contemporary furoshiki evolved from the textiles that carefully wrapped the treasures of the Imperial family in the 8th century, just outside Kyoto.

Now you can create these wonderful styles, and be a part of an on-trend movement that is choosing sustainability and reusability over disposable paper and plastics.

We have a large collection of beautiful furoshiki from Kyoto, and in addition we have curated a collection of screen-printed tenugui wall-hangings and furoshiki from Yokohama.

Not only can you use our furoshiki for gift-wrapping and bags, but they are perfect as art pieces to brighten up an indoor space.

Check out our Furoshiki Tutorials page on our website - here you'll find videos and diagrams to help you create gorgeous furoshiki gift-wrapping, bottle wraps, and bags!

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