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Hachinohe Brewery

Mutsu Hassen - Red Label - Special Junmai Sake

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"The intoxicating essence of Hachinohe sake in one bottle."

The gorgeous aromas of red apple and pineapple will take over your senses as soon as you open the bottle; a signature characteristic of Mutsu Hassen sake. An extremely well-balanced profile of richness, dryness and sourness. The perfect companion for dishes rich in herbs and spicy seasonings.


Mutsu Hassen - Red Label - Special Junmai Sake


Brewery: Hachinohe  |  Prefecture: Aomori

Size: 720ml  |  ABV: 16% 


Grade: Special Junmai

Taste: Rich & Dry

Serving Temperature: Cold or room temperature

Pairing: Sukiyaki, Baked mussels with bread crumbs and herbs, garlic shrimps

Storage: Keep refrigerated

Rice Variety: Hana Fubuki

Yeast: Local Aomori Yeast 

Polishing Ratio: 60%

Acidity: 1.3

SMV: -2


2020: Silver Medal

2019: Bronze Medal

2019: Platinum Medal Junmai Category (Top 5 Junmai)
2017: Platinum Medal


The Hachinohe brewery started in 1740 when the first-generation Komai Shozaburo left Omi Province (located in Shiga Prefecture along the western bank of Lake Biwa in the present day) for the land of Mutsu (Tohoku) to find a good place to produce sake. The brewery has since then followed his footsteps and has continued to make great sake for generations. Today, the eighth-generation Shozaburo produces an environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious local brand of sake from Aomori Prefecture that uses rice grown in Aomori, the finest yeast, and clear spring water from the Kanisawa area in Hachinohe to perfect the brewing process.

Hachinohe Sake Brewery

Aomori Prefecture