Sake Paired With Seasons


As one of the most versatile drinks, sake comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and temperatures. Whenever there is a need for sake, there is a sake for you. Sake is no different from rosé when it comes to enjoying it chilled during the summer. Throughout the year, our bodies crave different things, and we should pay attention to what they need. 

When we are in different environments, our physiological needs will have a significant impact on our perceptions and enjoyment of certain things. I do enjoy drinking Mulled Wine in the cold, but not by the pool with friends in the South of France, where it is always hot.




sake in spring


Junmai ginjos and junmai daiginjos, with their fruity, floral and refreshing flavours, are the perfect treat during spring and into the season of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are delicious with vegetable and light meat dishes.




sake in summer


You need light and refreshing sake that can easily be drunk on its own. Daiginjos and namazake (unpasteurised sake) is the way to go. Keep refrigerated and enjoy chilled on a hot summer day. There is nothing like it!




sake in autumn


As the weather cools down and the days get darker, junmai sakes will help you keep the blues away. Especially tasty when served hot with fatty autumn dishes, junmais are the perfect companion. 




sake in winter


You need more depth and character to fight those negative freezing temperatures. Aged sake will help you do that just fine. The rich and earthy flavours produced through the ageing process will also perfectly match that cheese board by the fire.




sake for parties


There is a sake out there for everyone and for every occasion. Parties are no exception to this rule. There are several sparkling sakes available in the market today. Each has a lower alcohol content and fine stimulating bubbles to delight all your guests at your next dinner party or celebration.



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