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Niigata, Snow, Rice & Sake

    If you ask a Japanese resident what Niigata means to them, they'll most likely answer "snow, rice and sake."      Snow   Did you know Niigata was the birthplace of skiing in Japan? First introduced to Japan in 1911 by an Austrian major named Theodore Edler von...

Kanazawa, Time Travel Back To Edo.

During the Edo period, the city of Kanazawa grew to become a town of outstanding cultural achievements, rivalling Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. At the time, it was home to the Maeda Clan, the second most powerful feudal clan after the Tokugawa.   The city is home to many historical attractions...

Akita, The Sake Kingdom

Akita is known as the Beautiful sake kingdom and ranks 5th in sake production. It is one of the few prefectures in Japan to have a brewing laboratory where advanced brewing techniques are developed.   Sake In Akita. Sake in Akita has a long history, with some breweries now operating...

Explore Japan From Home! ⛩💻 (Virtually)

While we are all stuck at home and unable to travel and visit culturally exciting places, all is not dark and gloom thanks to the power of technology. 

Okayama, the land of Sunshine and great Sake.

Discover why Okayama, beyond its gorgeous coast lines, is home to some of the finest sake.

Fushimi, the Bordeaux of sake?

France has the Bordeaux wine region, but Japan has the Fushimi Sake District!

Tohoku and the rebirth of sake.

Severely affected by the disastrous events of March 11th 2011, Tohoku is now the centre of the sake world.

Explore Hyogo: The Hyogo-Sake guide

For some of the country’s best sake and most beautiful scenery, Hyogo is the place to see.