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Christmas Gift Guide For Sake Lovers in 2021

Here are our top gift ideas for the sake lover in you or around you.

Do you have someone who loves Japan but also like his/her wine or tipple in general? Well then look no further, we've compiled our top sake gift ideas for you so we can save you time and headaches.



Sake Gift Idea #01 | The Sake Discovery Box.

🏅 3 X Award-Winning Sakes
📖 70+ Pages of Content
🎁 Beautiful, Minimalist & Eco-Friendly Gift Box

It is the perfect gift for anyone interested in sake and who would like to know more about sake while sipping on 3 premium bottles representative of the three main types of sake.


£60 (£50 for Club Members)




Sake Gift Idea #02 | The Sorakami Sake Club.

🍶 1 Premium sake bottle (720ml)
📖 Tasting notes
📘 Our Sake Intro Guide with first shipment (60+ pages)
🎉 Reduced Member Prices On Shop (up to 20%)
🚚 Free Shipping Over £50

 The gift that keeps on giving. Send a loved one a monthly journey of sake discovery. Every month they will discover a new bottle curated by our sake sommelier along with our sake guide (with 01st order) and tasting notes and exclusive member perks to restock on their favourite bottles for less!


Sake Club
from £30.50 per month.



Sake Gift Idea #03 | Sake Bath Bombs.

 Experience the relaxing and soothing benefit of Japanese hot spring "onsen" at home with our exclusive sake bath bombs.

These sake lees bath bombs, produced by the Hachinohe Brewery in Aomori, were designed for your busy self so you can relax and enjoy a warm bath after a long day of hard work. It is the perfect way to reward yourself for a job well done, and it also makes the perfect gift for that special someone. 


sake bath bombs
£3.90 (£4.90 for Club Members)

We hope this little guide helped you to find something special for the sake lover in your entourage. Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, we are always happy to help :)

All the very best and happy holidays ahead!
The Sorakami Team

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